Mexican festival in Calgary


Mexican festival in Calgary

Mexican Festival in Calgary Comes with Unlimited Fun

Have you wondered why Mexicans will do anything possible to be at home in Calgary with their loved ones in July? The answer is not far-fetched. The Mexican festival in Calgary is an incredible experience for all Mexicans in Canada. They don’t joke with this festival. If you are not Mexican, you can also participate in the event.

As someone who is not Latino, you don’t need to travel to Mexico to experience their culture.  You can see most of their culture in display during this once-in-a-year festival. Let’s discuss more about this festival in the subsequent sections. MexiFest.

A Festival of Mixed Events

The Mexican festival in Calgary is a festival packed with a variety of activities. I’m telling you; these activities are all exciting. This unique festival is a custodian of multiple cultural arts. You can also see it as an entertainment festival that highlights Mexican culture.

Canadians who have been a part of this iconic festival have had much to discuss since its inception. It’s a fiesta you will never want to miss in your lifetime.

Everybody Can Attend

The Mexican festival in Calgary is a fun package because it is meant for everybody. There are tickets for everyone. Kids younger than 12 and seniors above 65 don’t need tickets to attend. For them, it is free. The organizers did it so to encourage people to be a part of the festival.

There is a particular area reserved for kids, just as there is a designated section for drinking. The event is organized so that it appears as decent as possible.

What to Expect?

Just know that there is no dull moment with Mexican festival in Calgary. The festival is actually a myriad of activities. However, most people attending the festival are more interested in the entertainment stage, which is divided into two broad categories.

One stage is meant for the live band performers, while the other is specifically for dancers. There is equally a wrestling ring where Mexican wrestlers will entertain the audience.

The place will be full of several food stands where Mexican delicacies will be on the menu. While there is also a provision for Mexican liquor to be served, I advise you to drink responsibly and with caution. The Mexican festival in Calgary is always packed with exciting activities from start to finish.

Wrapping Up

Do you live in Calgary and planning to go somewhere else in July? Then, why not change your plans and make sure you are in Calgary, Alberta Canada, for the Mexican festival in Calgary. As highlighted above, the festival is a mixture of various exciting events. From watching international entertainers do their thing to seeing your favorite Mexican wrestlers take on each other, this festival is one of a kind. This post also emphasized that the fiesta is for kids and adults, with free tickets for people in specific age brackets.


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