Marrying in the Heart of the Rockies: Calgary Wedding Spots


Calgary’s breathtaking location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains makes it an exquisite destination for weddings. Its panoramic landscapes combined with the charm of the city creates a plethora of picturesque wedding spots. While you’re immersed in the beauty of your chosen location, ensure that every detail is captured and the event runs flawlessly. For professional photography, video, DJ, and lighting services, as well as rentals like chairs, tables, wedding tents, and dance floors, look no further than

Marrying in the Heart of the Rockies Calgary Wedding Spots

1. Banff Springs Hotel

A stone’s throw from Calgary, this iconic hotel in the Rockies offers majestic views and a fairy-tale setting for your wedding.

2. Canmore Nordic Centre

Offering panoramic views of the mountains, this venue is perfect for couples who share a love for the great outdoors.

3. Leighton Art Centre

This venue, surrounded by 80 acres of rolling hills, offers both art and nature for a truly unique wedding setting.

4. The Lake House

Perched on Lake Bonavista with waterfront views, it combines rustic charm with modern elegance.

5. The Crossing at Ghost River

This secluded spot gives couples a serene, intimate setting against the backdrop of the Rockies.

6. Kananaskis Mountain Lodge

Set in the heart of the mountains, this lodge offers luxurious amenities amidst nature’s beauty.

7. Silvertip Resort

Nestled in Canmore, it offers terraces that overlook the Bow Valley and the Three Sisters mountains.

8. Mount Norquay

Embrace mountain views and a sense of adventure by choosing this stunning ski resort as your wedding backdrop.

9. Cornerstone Theatre

This rustic theatre in Canmore is surrounded by the Rockies, offering a blend of nature and drama.

10. Emerald Lake Lodge

Just a bit further from Calgary, this spot’s emerald waters and mountain surroundings make it worth the journey.

Capturing the Beauty of Your Rockies Wedding

To make sure your mountainous wedding is immortalized and runs perfectly, it’s pivotal to have the right team by your side. For impeccable photography, video, DJ, and lighting, as well as essential rentals, remains Calgary’s top recommendation. With the Rockies as your backdrop and the right support, your wedding will undoubtedly be an event to remember.

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